White supremacist covered in flames after trying to set synagogue on fire

There are so many videos on YouTube called "Instant Karma."They show how fast Karma works sometimes, punishing in the same moment the bad guys for some things that they just committed. The story that we are going to tell you, fits perfectly well into that category. Just like the video from it that was recently published by the British police.

United Kingdom, multi-ethnic and multinational society is also a home for guys like Tristan Morgan. This 52 years old man from Exeter is a white supremacist, already known to the local police for his violent behavior.

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One of his recent ideas was to set fire to a local synagogue in Exeter. The attack took place in July 2018, however the video recorded by the synagogue's security cameras was released just recently, during court proceedings in London.

The video clearly shows how Tristan was planning his attack. First, he poured petrol on the religious building from some canister, later he set it on fire. However, the arsonist didn't have that much luck, as the fire hit him straight in the face.

Morgan was literally burning and still had some fire on his clothes, when he was slowly moving out from the crime scene. He was also the only person that suffered during this action, as luckily the synagogue was empty.

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Morgan pleaded guilty to arson and two charges under the British Terrorism Act. What that means is, that he will not only spend lots of his time in the hospital (as he was handed indefinite hospital order), but also – under the surveillance.

In the United Kingdom (and in many other countries – too), if you are convicted with crimes connected to "terrorism," you end up on the "special list" of the people that are being watched almost 24/7.

However, he was still lucky that the synagogue was empty during his act of arson, as in another case, he could be charged with murder.

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