Why Apple's iPhone X Is Annoying People

Quite simply put, the tab.  That is, the notch on the top part of the phone required for the newly introduced facial recognition technology.  In its marketing, Apple has touted the iPhone X as an edge-to-edge display, which it is not.  While it may not be truly edge-to-edge, its competitors have not been able to pull off a true edge-to-edge design yet either.

There was speculation among techies that Apple would be using software to help lessen the adverse effects that come with the burly notch in the screen, the company announced that it will do no such thing.  While this embracing of the notch seems affable, it offends many hardcore Apple fan-boys invoking such reactions stating that Steve Jobs would never have allowed this to people having a laugh with the notch by making browser extensions that show the media you're using with a giant black notch so non-Apple users, too, can get the full feel.

Not only is the notch unpleasing on the eyes and hogging precious real estate, it has developers dancing through hoops to deal with the way web pages are viewed by the phone.  When viewing web pages in landscape mode, there's nothing edge-to-edge about it.  There are two distinct white bars on either side of the webpage.  That's right, your webpages will not be benefitting from added visual real estate.

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Notch-gate, as I like to call it, will see many displeased phone gamers dealing with sections of the game missing entirely because the notch is simply in the way.

The only good thing, other than the obvious functionality of facial recognition technology, is that movies and photos won't attempt to fill the so-called edge-to-edge display unless you double tap, kind of like a geeky UFC, right?

Apple has put some pretty hardcore restraints on app developers instructing them that they will not be permitted to mask or call special attention to key display features, which is a fancy way of saying the giant ugly notch.  So while developers will have to deal with Apple's new direction on how to treat the apps they build for the new phone, the users are left with a bunch of new, exciting technology with the drawback of the big black notch.

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Us mere mortals will have plenty of good times with the new phone while the wiz-kids at Apple drum up a way to make a true edge-to-edge unit with yet even more badassery in the technology.

Regardless of how utterly disgusting and annoying the notch can be, the new technologies that come along with the release of the new iPhone X make it a phone that is ions past the competition.

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