Why we need the Electoral College to Select the President


I have been seeing a number of post on Social media about how the government is set up. There are a number of misconceptions on Congress, the Senate and the Electoral College. A post that compared the number of senators in California and its population complaining that California has 40 + million residents and only has 2 senators. All states have 2 senators. Congress is made up of many more representatives. California has 55 Congresspersons. The founding fathers struck a balance by population. It is fare that each state have only 2 Senators.

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The Electoral College has been given a bad rap. Posts such as the Electoral College has failed us Hillary won the popular vote and is not president. This is true. Each state at the writing of this article have the same number of Electoral College Votes as Representatives in Congress. If we take the 5 most populated states California (55), Florida (29), Illinois (20), Pennsylvania (20), & New York(29) and add up their Electoral College Votes any candidate is half way to the majority 270 votes. 153 votes in 5 states. These 5 states are traditionally democratic strongholds. If we add in a few more traditionally Democratic states such as Maryland(10), Massachusetts (11), Ohio(18),Washington(12), Oregon(7), New Jersey(14),Maine(4) 12 states would give a candidate 229 electoral votes. That is is less that a quarter of the states. This is 41 votes short of the 270 majority needed to be president.

Since the majority of the US population lives on the coasts and these are mainly coastal states it makes sense that they would have more say in how the country is governed. The 2016 election upset the traditional mix of red vs blue states. Traditional Blue states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio went for President Trump. Something I need to point out about the 2nd group of states is; several states are very small. Massachusetts, Maryland, & New Jersey are geographically very small areas. Colorado which is a very large state only has 9 Electoral College votes. It is many times the size of either New Jersey or Maryland. It has a more sparse population. Maine which is a very large states only has 4 votes. Again it a based on the population of the state as to how many votes it gets.

When we look at the central states and the southwest we see very large land areas with smaller numbers of Electoral College Votes. Colorado has 9, New Mexico has 5, Montana in the North west has 3 votes.

The reasoning is to protect the minority vote. This does not pertain to any one ethnic or racial group. It is the people who live in more sparsely populated areas of the country. The entire population of New Mexico is less than New York City.

Another reason is we are a Representational Republic; not a Democracy. In a Democracy a presidential candidate would only need to get the votes from the more populates areas of the country. This would disenfranchise the majority of the states in the republic. As I pointed out above 12 states can give any candidate nearly all of the votes necessary to win an election. This would allow a minority of states to dictate all of the federal policies. Or more precisely a group of large cities to control the federal government.

The true downside to a democracy is 51% of the voters can strip 49% of the population of any of their rights. Considering not everyone votes and certain groups vote in blocks; this would give any voting block more influence in the elections. The majority of the voters could decide that there are too many subsidies for farmers as the majority of the people would be in urban areas and not familiar with the needs of a farming community. The farmers could find that the subsidy that protect them from a bad harvest due to weather is gone. And the next year a significant number of farms are bankrupt. They have no protections from the federal government because they do not have enough votes to be of significance to the candidates. This is just one of many possible scenarios that could adversely effect the country.

One more thing that would destroy the country and we are seeing the beginnings of it now is people would be able to vote for a paycheck. Any candidate could promise free things to the base voting groups. The people on the coasts who make up the majority of the country could vote for this candidate and when the candidate wins they could start giving out entitlements to those who voted for them. This would create a disincentive to work. The thought being Why work when the government will feed, cloth, and house me for free. Someone would have to produce the products and food stocks for the masses. This is where the Industrial Prison State complexes become necessary.

Small infractions and petty crimes would have harsh penalties. Mostly prison time. The prisoners would be forced to work for free to produce food and other physical products for the masses. Prisons would be Franchise enterprises creating necessities for the masses. Of course prisoners would have no rights. They would have harsh sentences imposed, and any infraction of the prison rules would extend their sentence. In effect creating a subclass of slaves.

We have part of this now. Many prisons are for profit concerns. They grow produce for sale and have prison industries. The state of Colorado has more than a dozen industries where the offenders work for very little pay. There are other prisons that have an equal number of industries for the offenders to work at.

The draconian and dystopian future is as the voting population decreases the 51% will have more and more power. They will make certain laws are enacted to benefit themselves at the expense of others. It could get to the point that a very small percentage of the population will control every aspect of life in the country. This is why the founding fathers made certain that every state could have an equal voice in the running of the country.