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Wife Killed Husband for Insurance Money But His Ex Got the Cash

Uloma Curry-Walker was married to veteran firefighter William Walker for just four months when she had him killed in an attempt to pocket the insurance money to pay off a debt.

Uloma Curry-Walker's daughter had said during the trial that it was her Mother who had first brought up the idea to kill William Walker during a car ride, saying that no one would believe she would hire a bunch of kids to kill her husband.

According to reports, Curry-Walker made a $1,000 down payment to Chad Padgett, 23-years-old, to kill her husband and she would pay him another $9,000 once the job was complete.

Chad Padgett agreed and contacted his cousin Chris Hein, 24-years-old, who at first agreed to take part in the killing but later backed out. Chris Hein then reached out to Ryan Dorty who agreed to kill William Walker for less than a grand.

It was later said Ryan Dorty took only $800 in payment to kill William Walker. A sad amount of money for someone to lose their life over a greedy woman.

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Uloma Curry-Walker was found guilty Friday (July 7) of aggravated murder, felonious assault and conspiracy in the Nov. 23, 2013 killing of  Cleveland veteran firefighter William Walker with whom she was married to for only four months.

During the trial, Curry-Walker’s daughter said her mother first brought up the idea to kill Walker during a car ride and testified “No one would believe I would hire a bunch of kids to kill someone when I know people that could.”

Hein then reached out to Ryan Dorty who agreed to kill walker for less than a grand.

Dorty pled guilty to aggravated murder, Hein pled guilty to aggravated murder and conspiracy and Padgett pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and conspiracy. In exchange for their pleas, the young men will reportedly serve 23 years to life, 18 years to life and 28 years to life respectively.

On the night of his killing, William Walker returned home carrying a McDonald's bag when he was ambushed and shot four times by a 9mm gun.

Uloma Curry-Walker rode with William Walker in the ambulance where he died.

All men involved in the killing of William Walker pleaded guilty and were all sentenced.

Ryan Dorty pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, Chris Hein pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and conspiracy and Chad Padgett involuntary manslaughter and conspiracy.

The men will reportedly serve 23 years to life, 18 years to life, and 28 years to life in return for their guilty pleas.

Uloma Curry-Walker went through all this planning, wasting money, and ruining younger people's lives to murder her own husband and got nothing out of it. She was too stupid and greedy and now she's paying for it.

Unbeknownst to her, the husband who was murdered had an ex-wife who was still the beneficiary on his life insurance policy. The ex-wife will get a nice check from the insurance company while this murderous wife of his goes to jail.

Uloma Curry-William had her husband killed for insurance money and she wasn't even going to get it!

If that is not karma right there, then I do not know what is!

It was obvious that this woman married this man in an attempt to cash in on his life insurance. What other reason would she have had to marry him and then pay someone to murder him in cold blood just four months into their marriage?

This is the kind of woman that gives other women a bad name, wanting something greedy for themselves and willing to do whatever horrible thing it takes to get it. She even ruined the lives of three younger guys, although they could've said no and turned her in.

Curry-Walker should also be given a long prison sentence for aiding the killers and also paying them to kill her husband. She is responsible for his horrible and senseless death.

Do you think Uloma Curry-Walker should be in prison for her part in the killing?

What is the proper sentence for her?

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