Woman credits her drug overdose viral video for saving her life

You know that feeling you have when you're a kid? That feeling that makes you think you're invincible, like nothing bad could ever happen to you? Sadly, Katrina Henry still felt this way when she started using drugs with her boyfriend. Once she tasted Percocet, there was no going back, she was hooked. 

As is often the case, it started out innocently "for fun" but then went very far downhill from there. Katrina kept partying and enjoying cocaine like she was Rick James in a night club. Nothing and no one was going to stop her. At least, this was the case until March of this year. That's when she took a bad batch of cocaine. Little did she know - it was laced with Fentanyl. 

Driving under the influence of these drugs was not a good idea! She ran into another car and passed out in her car with her drug addict mouth gaping open. A man walking by caught her on tape. This was one video that went viral very fast. Looks like this was 'rock bottom' for Katrina. She thanks this video for changing her life. Apparently without it, she would never have known the events of that day, she has completely blacked out.

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On March 21, Henry snorted cocaine, which she did not know was laced with fentanyl. Amid her drug-induced haze, the 21-year-old crashed her car into a parked vehicle, with images and video of the aftermath almost immediately going viral.

The footage sees her unconcsious in her car and then stumbling about and weeping after being revived with Narcan.

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“They took me to the hospital, handcuffed me to the bed,” she recalled. “I died. I overdosed and died.”

Katrina was lucky in the end, she could have not survived this accident. So much more tragedy could have come from this, with many more people being involved. Or, without the video going viral, Katrina could have not remembered the entire incident, and kept on doing drugs, only to wind up passing away from an overdose. Overall, things could have been much worse. Instead, this situation is what ended up saving her life. 

Sometimes what you need is a wake up call. What an inspiring story! Goes to show that there's always hope, always a chance that things can change. Katrina learnt the hard way, but we don't all have to. How did this article make you feel? Have you ever experienced rock bottom? 

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