Woman aborts baby in 7th month of pregnancy and acts like she's the victim

The Associated Press posted a video of a blond woman who aborted her baby after the 26th week of pregnancy, which is 7 months, and is acting like she's a victim. AP wrote "A woman who didn't learn she was pregnant until 26 weeks along is among thousands who cross state lines to get abortions every year. An AP analysis finds the share of out-of-state abortions rose slightly despite a decline in abortions."

Let's just start off by saying 1) She could have given the child up for adoption considering it was only 4-8 weeks away from being born, 2) she's a horrible person for aborting a child that late in the pregnancy, because that is basically murder, and 3) if you disagree with 1 and 2, then you're a horrible person as well.

From what the video shares, it seems like she's acting like a victim because she didn't have much support or money and had to cross state lines to kill her child. Well, no kidding no one supports this when she's THAT PREGNANT. Let's say she just found out this morning and she was a few weeks pregnant, that's a LOT different than 7 months when she's basically ready to pop.

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Unless the child had some severe conditions or the mother would lose her life during childbirth, then what is the point of having an abortion? Just stay pregnant for 2 more months, have the child, give them up for adoption, and be on your way. That's it. It's that simple. At least you give the child a LIFE instead of MURDERING IT!

I have zero respect for this woman and think she is a waste of skin.

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