Woman acts assaulted because TSA Agent asked for her number

If you're over 30, then you probably remember the days where dating apps and websites didn't exist. You used to hook up with chicks from AOL chatrooms, then maybe get lucky and meet a girl on MySpace, but after that it was all dating apps and websites.

Back in those days, before technology invading the dating realm, you had to work up the nerve and guts to ask a girl for her number. Even if you were rejected, it was a monumental task because so many guys were nervous or afraid of the rejection. But let's face it, we were all rejected by someone at some point, and it's fine.

We didn't know anything about girls back then. We just saw a pretty face and perhaps a glimpse of personality and we only had so many minutes or seconds to ask for the girl's number. If we missed the opportunity, it was likely gone forever, especially if it was someone we hadn't ever seen before.

So many times guys, especially teenagers, would literally have to work up the courage to approach the almighty who we used to imagine as queens who sat on thrones and maybe we could feed them a few grapes or grape flavored liquors to be honest.

Those were the days where you had to have a face to face conversation about exchanging phone numbers and it was usually awkward. Now you just sit on the smart device or computer and arrange the meeting that way. 

Fast forward to 2018 and now the dating scene is controlled by people's thumbs as they swipe left/right, essentially removing the original method of courtship.

The awkwardness is gone, but every once in a while people get to experience the old school method of courtship that this new generation knows nothing about.

A woman on Twitter had posted a message stating that she smiled at a TSA agent and he actually had the nerve to ask for her number. Instead of being flattered that someone found her smile so pretty and her demeanor in general attractive, she acted as if she was assaulted and disgusted.

All the times that women complain about not finding nice guys, and here's one who had the courage to ask her personally. Maybe she was unattracted to him, which is entirely acceptable. Physical appearance is majorly important because you cannot spend time with someone you're not truly attracted to. Love, at first sight, is all about looks and we shouldn't lie to ourselves about that. If that was the case, then saying "no thanks" is all she needs to do, but she doesn't have to put the guy on blast. That's just rude.

I just couldn't believe that this chick had the nerve to act so offended, assaulted, disgusted, and like she was fighting for her life in a nasty world of guys. It was embarrassing to read and people called her out for it big time.

Her message, which stated: "I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my phone number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense."

So basically, she's a bitch.

She's not that attractive to begin with, and then to have the nerve to act like this when someone had a genuine interest in her is just something an uppity feminist would say.

She would be better off getting her nose out of her own ass, because the world smells better when you're not full of yourself or think a guy is basically attacking you just because he's interested.

The feminist anti-male culture is such a huge bag of shit that I don't even know how these women ever have a stable relationship with any guy.

Or maybe they don't and this lousy attitude of theirs is what pushes decent guys away. How can any guy ever approach a woman like this? They can't.

If I was a woman, I'd be flattered that guys want my number. I'd politely say no to those who don't appear to be a suitable mate, but that's all we need to do.

There's no harm in someone asking for your number. Of course, if they show up at your house and pound your door in, then that's something worth calling the cops for - and a good reason for a woman to own a gun!

But what the hell is wrong with girls like this?

What is the purpose of her acting this way just because a guy wanted her number?

I don't get it.

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