Woman arrested after hit and run killed federal judge said she was Harry Potter

This is a seriously sad and messed up news story that involves a woman who was arrested after a hit and run that killed a federal judge, and she claims that she was Harry Potter, as reported by KMOV.

A North Lauderdale woman charged in a fatal hit and run crash that killed a federal judge and injured a child claimed she was Harry Potter.

On Friday, police arrested Natasia Snape, 23, after they say she drove onto a Boca Raton sidewalk and struck, and killed, Sandra Feuerstein, 75, a federal judge from New York. They said she then drove away and hit a 6-year-old boy. He was seriously hurt.

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Officers found Snape unconscious after she crashed into a vehicle in Delray Beach. They say when she awakened she began acting strangely, including staring into space.

Investigators said inside the ambulance she fought with medical personnel and claimed she was Harry Potter. Snape shares a last name with Severus Snape, a main character in the Harry Potter novels.

Police said at the hospital they found a synthetic designer drug in her purse.

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Snape was charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of a crash involving death, and leaving the scene of a crash involving injury.

Oh my goodness...

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