Woman at Planned Parenthood told to cut possibly living fetus' face to harvest the brain

A woman named Holly O'Donnell was exposed in an undercover video that revealed how an aborted baby was possibly kept alive and had a heartbeat while she was told to cut down the center of a fetus' face to harvest the brain. O'Donnell was a former technician for a company who would harvest tissue.

The company was a biotech startup called StemExpress. When she was asked to extract a brain, it was coming from a male fetus whose heart had started to beat again after the attempted abortion. O'Donnell was told to cut down the center of the infant's face in order to remove the brain from the fetus whose heart still had a beat for a moment. 

The Washington Times reported this years ago in 2015 and published one of the undercover videos on their website. Holly O'Donnell was quite a whistleblower, shedding light on the controversial practices going on in Planned Parenthood in which they harvest organs.


A StemExpress supervisor “gave me the scissors and told me that I had to cut down the middle of the face. And I can’t even describe what that feels like,” said Ms. O’Donnell, who has been featured in earlier videos by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group that previously had released six undercover clips involving Planned Parenthood personnel and practices.

Later reports stated the fetus was in fact lifeless, but that the heart did temporarily start beating again on it's own. Technically, the infant was alive as the heart beated, but the brain might have been extracted when the heart stopped beating. That is hard to tell and we might not ever know the truth.

Holly O'Donnell ended up passing away when she was only 27-years-old, a few short years after she was seen in the undercover video.

Live Action stated about her passing, "The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) announced the death of Holly O’Donnell in a Facebook post yesterday. Holly, a former fetal tissue procurement technician for StemExpress turned whistleblower, was instrumental in several of the Center for Medical Progress’s investigations for its Human Capital project and Eyewitness Testimony footage. She was 27 years old."

They praised O'Donnell for standing strong for what she saw with Planned Parenthood during her time with StemExpress.

The question is... what's really going on in Planned Parenthood now?

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