Woman Backhands Cop At Football Game, Gets Brutal Dose Of Justice

Bridget Freitas was allegedly causing a drunken scene at a University of Miami game when officers were called to eject her from the stadium.  Multiple officers were required to lift Freitas out of the stadium.  One of the responding officers was Detective Douglas Ross. In a video that quickly went viral, Freitas is seen wildly taking a swing at Ross, missing the initial forehand but landing her backhand onto his face.  Ross reacted with a swing back at her which seemingly rendered her unconscious. 

It is of note that witnesses say the incident begun as they say Freitas cursing loudly and boisterously as officers responded to the disturbance.  The officers initially attempted to calm her down and when that did not work, she was asked to leave the stadium. She refused. Then officers made the decision to physically remove her from the stadium.

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There has been debate across social media networks about whether the cop's actions were warranted, it seems that people who think it was warranted are much more plentiful.

The Miami-Dade Police are investigating the incident and have the video footage in their possession.  As it currently stands, they say Ross's status has not changed, meaning he has not been disciplined for anything.  After viewing the video, you may have an opinion either way, but my opinion is that Ross was simply reacting to getting swatted in the face as most people would.  Freitas was reportedly very drunk, non-compliant  and judging by the fact that it required  officers to physically lift her up to get her out of the stadium, these reports hold weight.

Let's see what the video is all about from YouTube sensation, Donut Operator.

This looks like another case of - if a police officer tells you to do something, then just do it. Under no circumstances is it wise to attack a police officer.  Only bad things can happen.

The University of Miami is also looking into this incident and is undergoing the process of gathering as much information as they can in relation to it.  It is normal for the university to hire off-duty police officers to assist with campus security at large events to help keep the crown under control, assist with traffic and general security of venues.

On the night in question, there was a slew of assault related cases reported in which off-duty police officers were called into action to keep the peace.  The Freitas case is getting the most attention due to the social media exposure and the latitude given to different opinions on how the incident was handled.

Freitas is hispanic, Detective Ross is black.

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