Woman banned from Walmart ate Half of cake, refused to pay for other half

Back in January, one of the Walmart stores in Wichita Falls, Texas, went viral on the social media because of the bizarre story of a woman, who was banned from the supermarket for riding an electric shopping cart all over the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can.

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Now, another Walmart in the same city is in the news, for an equally bizarre story. An unidentified female customer had the brilliant idea to eat half of a cake inside the supermarket, only to claim at the register that she should only pay half its price, because she already found it like that.

Yep, you read that right: she finished her grocery shopping while munching on the baked good, and then claimed that she had only found half of it in the bakery department.

That’s why she insisted that she wanted a 50% discount but, unluckily for her, the Walmart employees had seen her eating the cake!

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The store manager called the police and the woman, after being forced to pay for the entire cake, was banned from the store for theft. She hasn’t been arrested, and the staff didn’t want to press charges against her

So maybe she did have her cake and eat it too!

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