Woman Breaks Bracelet In Store, Faints After Learning The Price

A woman had made a visit to Ruili City, China as a tourist and found out the true meaning of "you break it, you buy it" in the most expensive way.

The woman tried on a Jade bangle, inquired about the price of the bangle, and was shocked to find out it was $44,000. Then she tried to take it off and accidentally dropped it on the floor, breaking it into two pieces. Literally, a woman's nightmare just happened in real life! A $44,000 bracelet smashed in two pieces on the floor and she might be stuck with a $44k bill and she can't even wear the jewelry!


The woman became so distraught that shop workers were unable to calm her down, resulting in her fainting in the arms of other customers.

She was eventually brought back to reality when a bystander pinched her upper lip which is known to be a standard Chinese method of waking people up who have fainted.

A tourist visiting Ruili City, China, learned the true meaning of 'you break it, you buy it' when she was forced to foot the bill for a $44,000 jade bracelet she dropped in a jewelry store on June 27.

The woman was reportedly trying on the pricey jade bangle in a shop in China's Yunnan province when she decided to inquire about its price.

After she found out about the bracelet's astronomical tag, the woman hastily attempted to take it off.

Unfortunately, she dropped the bangle on the floor in the process, causing it to snap into two pieces.

A third party jeweler has since assessed the value of the broken bangle and has estimated it to be worth approximately $26,000 or 180,000 yuan.

Shop staff have since told the woman's family she can pay back the $26,000 for the broken bangle however they have only offered to pay back $10,000 which is approximately 70,000 yuan. So far no compensation has been fully agreed between the two parties.

What was she thinking by trying on jewelry this expensive? This was a disaster waiting to happen and she learned that the hard way. Or should I say the expensive way?

Would you walk into an expensive jewelry shop and try on the jewelry without the intention of buying? I know I wouldn't!

I worry about walking into a store that sells ornaments that are way less than half the price of this bangle and I would definitely not even touch something that expensive over the fear of breaking it and buying it.

She will think twice before going into jewelry stores and trying on expensive jewelry.  People learn from mistakes right?

I hope they come to a solution. But I wonder how will they pay the $26,000 that the shop is asking for the broken bangle?

Do you agree that she should pay the full asking amount for compensation? Or is that too much? If breaking and buying the broken Jade bangle is not a lesson, then I don't know what will be!

Would you pay for an item that expensive if you broke it in the store?