Woman charged with 2 misdemeanors for letting cat lay on the lawn

Some states in the US are infamous for their outdated laws, that are still active, in theory at least. These laws don't help anyone these days, they are just some kind of obstacle in normal people's lives. And it's up to judges and state officials if they want to follow them strictly and prosecute people for something that doesn't meet with the basics of common sense.

Kate Anderson from Murray in Utah experienced by herself one of such rare and outdated laws. She is the proud owner of the house, with lawn, just like she is the owner of cute little cat named Milo. Milo is a totally chilled out feline, with all needed medical procedures done, a cat that knows how to behave when he is around the people and alone. So that fatal day, Milo was laying down, chilling out, in front of Kate's house, on her private lawn, when someone took a photo of him and reported it to the local police. "But reported what exactly?"


Well, in Utah, there is still an active law from 1963 that forbids to "have an animal at large", which in this particular case would mean that, her own cat on her own lawn, is an illegal resident. It doesn't sound like something from a free country (like the USA likes to name itself) – at all. Luckily for Kate and her little feline, some of the city officials, just like the prosecutor itself, showed that they actually do have some common sense and decided to drop all of the charges.

Kate is a little preoccupied for the future though. She says, that since her cat loves to hang out outdoors, this may happen again. "“I think, if anything, there needs to be some kind of addition or amendment to the ordinance excluding felines" – she said.

Got any examples of really antiquated laws and rules that are still valid in your area? Post them below!


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