Woman charged with bashing cops in head with cane described as 'kind and generous young lady'

Imagine a world where you can be charged with bashing cops in the head with a cane (allegedly), then jump for joy when you finally make bail.

This was the case for a Brooklyn woman named Chanice Reyes who was hugging friends or family after she got out.

"Reyes was freed following her video arraignment on multiple counts of second-degree assault and related charges Friday morning.

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During the hearing, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge John Howard-Algarin her bail at $7,500 cash or credit card, $40,000 insurance company bond or $60,000 surety bond."

The more interesting part of the story comes where her defense attorney describes her

as a “kind and generous young lady” and a Black Lives Matter activist” who’s “enrolled full time at Queens College, working on a Bachelor of Science degree."

This might be the first time I've learned of a kind and generous person bashing a cop on the head with a cane, but that's just me.

Here's the video of the incident when the woman ran up to a gate and swung over it.

She belongs in prison, no doubt about it.

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