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Woman claims airline paid her $75 'hush money' after man masturbated for 'hours'

Some woman was flying from California to Chicago and claims that a man sitting next to her on the plane was masturbating for hours. She also claims that the airline did not report this incident to law enforcement. She also claims that the airline paid her $75 to not talk about it. In other words, she was paid "hush money" but she didn't really hush, now did she?

Mikaela Dixon, 21, was traveling with her boyfriend on August 11 when she noticed the man inappropriately touching himself. “My bf was asleep in the window seat, I’m in the middle, and the man is in the aisle. I had no idea what to do, I couldn’t get up bc I didn’t want to go anywhere near him,” she tweeted about the incident that gave her the “worst panic attack of [her] life.”
Dixon went on to say she couldn’t alert the attendant without the man finding out, so she had to wait until he left his seat. “I sat there shaking until he got up to go to the bathroom as we landed,” she wrote. 

After being alerted of the incident, a United flight attendant moved Dixon to another row and reportedly told her the airline had contacted local law enforcement.
When the man “bolted” to get off the plane, Dixon claims he was detained and escorted into the airport. When she inquired about what would happen to him, Dixon said the airline refused to tell her and instead gave her $75 of “hush money.” 

Dixon later learned the passenger had been released and when she called the Chicago Police Department, they told her they hadn’t been alerted to the incident.

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I guess this is better than having a man caught in a women's restroom videotaping girls in the bathroom stall. If she gets more money, then good for her. If not, then at least we got this zany story out of it.

Also - guys, stop wacking off in public. It's gross!

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