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Woman claims she was Fired for Pro-Trump posts on social media

It's not always fun and games when you're posting on social media in support of President Trump. One woman in Wisconsin claims she was fired from her dental assistant job over posts she made on Facebook that were in support of President Donald Trump.

Not every employer will fire someone for this type of thing, but it's worth pointing out for sure! This also makes the case as to why people should keep their information private, such as their employer and family info, etc.

Her name is Robyn Polak and it's reported that she posted a link from the Daily Wire and that she was "extremely lucky" to have an "amazing" president, as per a report on NY Post.


“I don’t care what anyone says!” wrote Polak, who works as a dental assistant.

A day later, Polak attended Trump’s rally in Milwaukee and wrote “MAGA 2020,” again showing her allegiance to Trump. An earlier version of her profile picture also featured a smiling Polak with her boyfriend beneath a “Trump 2020” graphic, her Facebook account shows.

So how did she end up getting fired?


Well, one person didn't like what she was saying, so he wrote a negative review on her employer's Facebook page. Of course, this was completely unfair to the employer in general, as one employee's political affiliation does not have any true connection to the quality of service the business provides.

The man claimed, in his review of Precision Dental MKE, that Polak was making racist comments.

“And just like that I get fired from my job because of some left wing liberal didn’t like that I had yesterday on Facebook Make America Great Again,” Polak wrote. “And he went out of his way to way a make a review on my work Facebook stating that I am racist … What should I do? I filed for unemployment already.”

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From what else we're reading, it seems like the NY Post tried to call the employer to get the scoop on what happened, but they did not respond. However, it was noticed that the employer responded to the review/claim of the racist comments and it included an apology to the man who made the review.

“I am so very sorry to have learned that this was posted,” the reply read. “We are handling the situation in house as we speak. I assure you that this office does not share these beliefs.”

Polak told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she was later fired over the phone. She also denied being racist, saying she has black siblings and is part Native American.

“The office manager said it was for the review they got on their Facebook [page], but my name wasn’t on there,” Polak recalled. “They assumed it was me because I’m the only Republican in that office.”

Now here's the kicker.

The office has denied claims that anyone was fired for their political beliefs and they do not discuss the matters pertaining to personnel.

“Precision Dental MKE believes dentistry is nonpolitical,” the statement read. “We can confirm, however, that no employee has ever been terminated for their political beliefs or their support of the President or any political candidate.”

This is where the technicalities comes into play.

The employer apparently has a social media policy that forbids employers from posting anything that could damage the company "directly or indirectly."

If the company finds her posts to be damaging to them, they could use that against her.

Let this be a lesson that everyone should keep their employer information private on social media. No one needs to know where you work, especially if you're posting about political content that could cause someone to be "triggered."

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