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Woman Broke into Lover's House to Cut Off Penis with Garden Shears

Argentina has a Lorena Bobbitt-style case that has made worldwide headlines.  Brenda Barattini allegedly broke into her lovers home and chopped off his penis with garden shears. Sergio Fernandez's manhood may not ever be the same!

There are conflicting reports, depending on which side of the story you hear from, about the circumstances regarding the incident.  People supporting Fernandez may say he was shocked to have his penis chopped off while he was fast asleep.  People who support Barattini may suggest that he raped her or they were involved in a consensual sex game when it occurred.

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Barattini's lawyer's official position is that the information that she has is that the victim was blindfolded at the time, engaged in a sex game when the incident occurred.  The lawyer also said that there was justification for the genital attack as her client has claimed that this all went down shortly after Fernandez let himself into Barattini's apartment and subsequently sexually assaulted her.  It is reported that Barattini allowed Fernandez into her house as he was a friend of a friend and he was supposedly a well-known rock star.

Sergio's lawyer claims that the other side's story is entirely false.  He said he did not understand what happened as the two who have been dating some time were in the middle of a blindfolded sex game when the attack occurred.  The lawyer said that his client in no way assaulted the woman and the fact that they were playing this sex game is proof.  Why would someone play a sex game with another person who was abusing them?   Think about it. If he was abusing her, then why would he trust her with garden shears and allow himself to be tied up?  The logic does not work out here.

Brenda has not given any public statements. Formal questioning has already begun.

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Argentinian news outlets were quick to public graphic photos from the crime scene that show a bloodied bed and some garden shears on the floor next to the bed.

Barattini is an architect and is going under psychological evaluations to determine her state of mind.  If you recall, Lorena Bobbitt was found to be insane, and she received a not-guilty because of an insanity judgment in her penis chopping case.  Barattini is being tested to determine if Fernandez sexually assaulted her.

The state prosecutor was even taken aback when quizzed about what she believes is going on.  She deflected by stating that she knew for sure that Fernandez's injuries were very, very serious.

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Barattini eventually pleads guilty to the crime of cutting off Fernandez's penis with garden shears. Police will begin more detailed questioning before proceeding with her case.

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