Woman Eats Bull Penis So We Don't Have To

As peculiar as this might sound, the sort-of-common knowledge is that penis has health benefits, contributing to virility, a healthier skin and in many countries it is served as a delicacy. If people are eating it, you can't not wonder how it tastes though, right?

On the shelves of a grocery store in Texas, one genius store manager displayed for sale, bull penis, after it was repacked from originally being called "pizzle", and had a warning of being inedible and not intended for human consumption. The lawsuit that came after had the pain of a slap on the balls.


After the news, Arielle (a journalist) had a wild thought and wanted to see how bad it is to actually eat dick. As in literal eating it.

In Los Angeles' Koreatown, at Feng Mao Mutton Kebab, bull penis is one of the best-selling specialties. At this place you cook your food directly at your table, over a small pit of fire and it costs $1.50 for a portion of penis. Bull penis. Arielle tried this delicacy along with some beef and ribs, as a comparison in taste.

To have an idea on how the penis is different from the other meats: the color after cooking remains pale, as opposed to other meats which get a brown color. The taste is chewy, tough and a bit grimy in flavor. Even if at first the taste was not that great, Arielle combined it with some spices and it started to taste a lot better.


As a choice from a menu which has something more than bull penis, it would not be the first choice. Might not even be a choice, at least for Arielle.

Some things are better uncooked it seems.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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