Woman faces 8 years in jail after 'biting off boyfriend's tongue' during 'one last kiss'

"Watch your tongue" has a whole new meaning now! Love sometimes makes us do stupid things, but attractive Spanish woman Adaia López Esteve set a new standard when she decided to punish her ex-boyfriend by biting off his tongue and then ran away while he was still in the state of shock.

The whole incient happened in June 2017, after her unnamed boyfriend told Adaia he wants to break up with her. Their relationship lasted only two months, from December 2016 to February next year, and now the victim is claiming that Adaia was emotionally unstable while they were together.

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Still, they tried once more a few months later, and when he decided to call it quits again, she didn't take it well and made a scene. Surprisingly, she was back a few minutes later and even apologized for her behavior.

After hugging him, accused women asked her lover for one last kiss, but she took that opportunity to bite off his tongue and spit it on the floor!

Luckily, someone heard the noise and came to help this unfortunate guy, so medics arrived on time to stop the bleeding. Esteve was arrested and then quickly released, but two years later, she is finally charged and will go to trial.

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She is still denying the incident and claims that she was the victim of abuse during their relationship, even stating that her ex-lover tried to kill her by suffocating.

On the other hand, victim's lawyers are sticking to his claims and are asking for her to spend the next ten years in prison. Their wish won't be granted since for this kind of incident, the maximum punishment is no more than eight years.

The whole process could be a long one since it has not been said when and where the trial will begin.

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