Woman falls 80 ft from balcony during 'extreme yoga' pose

Yoga is a great exercise for body and mind. But 23-year-old Alexa Terrazas probably won't do yoga anymore, at least in the near future. The asana that she tried, almost killed her, with over 100 bones broken.

Alexa Terrazas studies in Mexico and she has always loved yoga. But her recent experience with an extreme asana – yoga pose - that she tried, sent her straight to a hospital. She fell onto driveaway while hanging off her balcony, at a height of 80 ft. There is an image showing her final moments before she fell off.

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It happened in her building, in North-Eastern Mexico, in the state Nuevo Leon. The girl was lucky that she actually survived the accident, but the doctors say that the rehabilitation will take a few years. In the hospital, she instantly was sent to an emergency room, where the doctors performed an 11 hours long surgery on her broken bones.

Terrazas was a student at the university in Monterrey, studying...Wellness and Nutrition.

In the accident, she suffered numerous fractions to her arms, hips, legs, and head. The doctors had to reconstruct her legs.

A quick investigation made by the local police found that the fall was a direct result of her bad luck, and it was not because of the faulty construction of the building.

The doctors say that now Alexa will have to spend at least three years on various rehabilitation exercises to walk again. She was still lucky though. Not so many people can survive falling off from such height, especially on the concrete, as it happened to her.

Social media users shared not only the photo from the moments before she fell off but also hundreds of requests for blood donations. Terraza's family said that they are not needed though. As for now, the girl is still in critical condition but recovers slowly.

It is said that Alexa has been practicing so-called "extreme-yoga" for years.

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