Woman finds missing husband on social media THREE YEARS after he ditched her and 2 kids

Image source: businessinsider.com

In Krishnagiri, a small city in the state of Tamil-Nadu, India, Suresh got so angry with his wife, Jayapradha, that he abandoned her and their two children right away. The argument that led him to run away from home was about some household problems.

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After reaching out to friends and relatives for help with no results, the woman decided to consult the police, and her husband was classified as a missing person. However, the investigations didn’t bring any news about Suresh.

Jayapradha had already lost any hope to find her husband when, after three years from his departure, one of her relatives spotted him in a TikTok video with his new partner, a trans woman. Instead of getting angry and filing for a divorce, Jayapradha ran to the local police to show the video, asking them to bring her loved one home.

According to News18.com, the police could finally find Suresh thanks to the co-operation of a local transgender association. When interrogated, the man answered that he flied to Hosur to work in a tractor company, and that he met his new partner in there.

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After a couple counseling session, the police reunited Suresh with his wife and children. All is well what ends well

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