Woman finds nasty glob in her coconut drink


Have you ever bought a drink and felt something shaking inside it? That's what happened when a woman purchased a coconut drink.

We often buy packaged items like drinks and snacks from a trusted departmental store near our house. On reaching home, we eagerly open the carton or container to consume the same. Once in a while we get a shock of our life because the item we purchased contains something unusual like a dead lizard or cockroach.

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GOSHEN, New York (WPVI) -- A woman from New York said a squid-like, gooey gunk she found floating in her favorite beverage made her violently ill, and she's on a quest to figure out what it is.

Barbara Kline, 34, of Orange County, said she made the horrific discovery on April 25.

After opening the beverage and taking a sip, Kline said she noticed something was very wrong.

"I swallowed a big clump. It was really nasty and it tasted really thick," she said.

She sliced open the Vita Coco coconut water container and found something disturbing inside.

"The legs, they're legs," Kline explained. "There's definitely something other than mold in there."

That is what happened to Barbara Kline, 34, of Orange County, Goshen, New York. She bought her favorite beverage Vita Coco coconut water and had a horrific and nauseating experience with it. She opened her favorite beverage and took a sip too. What happened next terrified her to no end. To her horror what she found was a squid-like, gooey gunk floating in her favorite beverage. Beyond any doubt, it made her terribly ill, and she wants to know what that thing was.

Moments after opening the beverage and taking a sip, she noticed that something was very much wrong. She swallowed something like a big clump that was really very bad and nauseating and thick in taste. She cut open the container of the beverage Vita Coco coconut water and saw something very unusual and disturbing inside the carton. It looked like the legs of something and it certainly was not part of a coconut. 

She started vomiting and was vomiting thereafter for a couple days to a week and became ill with diarrhea. 

She believed the creepy mass is some sort of creature. She took some photos of it to show as proof. 

She's since posted the photos of the mystery object she took on Facebook and that have been viewed more than 50,000 times so far.

Now she is just waiting for answers.

She just wants to know what the floating object in the coconut water was. The company, Vita Coco asked her for the item she purchased so that it can be tested in the laboratory.  But she declined to part with the same since she wanted an independent test. The company however claimed that it has some fair information what the substance is. A spokesperson for the company claimed what Ms. Barbara Kline experienced was an unknown spoilage and does not pose any risk to health. The spokesperson further claimed that what she experienced may be the result of either leaving the coconut water package in an open condition and unrefrigerated or opened an already damaged beverage unit of it.

Vita Coco is the largest coconut water seller in the world. Reportedly, it is considering itself up for sale for an amount of $1 billion. Barbara Kline said it raises the question of money and this claim is not about money since she is not after money.  She said that was not her intention and she is after closure of the company. But since the company isn't cooperating with her, she is looking into suing them and would be meeting a lawyer soon. While she is considering whether to file a lawsuit against the firm or not, one thing was certain and that is her days of drinking coconut water were over.