Woman mad at boyfriend tips waitress $5k on his credit card, then cops get involved

A 24-year-old woman from Buffalo, NY made her boyfriend pay dearly for an argument they had. She was upset because her guy refused to pay her a plane ticket, and the quarrel became so intense that he decided to place a hold on his credit card, which was in her possession.

But the woman’s revenge was just around the corner: as soon as her boyfriend removed the hold from the card, she “punished” him by using his money for a spending spree.

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She decided to have breakfast at a café in Clearwater Beach, and she left a generous tip of $5000 to her waitress - with the credit card of her boyfriend. That was just so much more than the $55 meal she had!

When the guy asked for an explanation, the young woman initially denied her extravagant expense, so he had to report the transaction to his credit card company as fraudulent. Unfortunately, the café had already given the huge tip to the waitress.

Later, the woman confessed to the police that she was guilty for the $5,000 charge, and she was arrested for grand theft.

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Whether the waitress will keep her tip or will have to give it back to the owner of the credit card, is now up to the café.

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