Woman plans to marry chandelier, has open relationships with other objects

"Love is blind," they say, and if you need proof, Amanda Liberty, 35, is here to give you the best example. This woman that was previously in a serious relationship with the famed Statue of Liberty (hence her surname) is making plans to marry her favorite chandelier.

Amanda told the journalists that she was in an open relationship with a few chandeliers, but as an adult, she knows that she has to pick just one as her partner. This lady from Leeds, England, claims that this is not a joke as she identifies herself as an objectum sexual - human who is sexually attracted only to objects.


Her future wife is called Lumiere, and even though local administration told her that she couldn't legally marry, that won't stop her. Now more than ever, she wants to prove that this love is just as strong as the one between humans.

Amanda is already preparing the wedding, as she thinks this is the only way to show everyone that she is serious. At this time, this lady is still searching for her wedding dress and prepares a guest list.

The wedding will be a small one and will include only the closest members of both families. She is well aware that people are saying that her attraction to objects is strange, but also points out that she leads a healthy life.


Lumiere is German and is a 91-year-old chandelier, but a vast age difference does not scare her. Amanda bought her on the eBay for 400 pounds, and when it finally arrived at her home, it was love at first sight.

Still, they don't sleep together as Lumiere is too big for the bed. This lady from Leeds hopes that people will understand her love or that they will at least accept it, as she is not hurting anyone.

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