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Woman sent to prison for pretending to be boy and solicit indecent pictures from girl

His name is Jacinta Brooks and he's a 41-year-old pedophile who's about to spend another 11 years in prison after he's already spent 13 years for another sick crime. This sentencing marks the third time Jacinta has targeted children in pedophilia-elated crimes.

In a bizarre twist, the man is pretending to be a transgender woman. He's trying to identify as a woman and his previous identity was going by the name Duncan Smart, according to Metro.

The 41-year-old 'woman' (looks like a bearded man to me) is going to jail for asking a 12-year-old girl to send him indecent photographs of herself. 

Brooks is trying to identify as a woman, but also allegedly pretended to be a boy in hopes to get the pictures of the much younger girl. So he's an older man pretending to be a woman who is pretending to be a boy and trying to get indecent pictures of young girls? Precisely. It's messed up, right?

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The latest victim's mother made a comment about the suspect, saying she would be haunted by ‘this pathetic excuse of a person’ and had been forced to leave because of the severe trauma. I suppose one look at that 'woman's' face would haunt any mother when she sees a bearded man who tried to pick up pictures of her daughter.

Judge Nicholas Rowland talked about Brooks as well, stating that he's a danger to children. That's something everyone should have known considering this is his third incident that Brooks has targeted children in a perverted manner.

Brook's previous crime was having sex with someone who is underage and child abuse.

The court heard Brooks’ victim was forced to leave school and was suffering with trauma after the incident. In a victim impact statement the girl’s mother said: ‘The fact I cannot protect my daughter from this pathetic excuse of a person will haunt me forever.’ 'Workman' killed instantly after window pane falls from top of luxury flats Brooks, of Winchester, Hampshire, admitted three counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and three of possessing indecent images.
Brooks was released from prison two years ago, having served almost 13 years behind bars for attacking the girl under 16 in 2003.
Judge Rowland ordered that Brooks must notify police if creating any future social media and email accounts and must also give officers the passwords. Brook’s lawyer Robert Harding claimed much had changed in the time his client had been behind bars and she had struggled to understand social media and online networking.


This is one of those news stories where you say "I can't even" and share it with your friends like "look at this messed up stuff!"

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