Woman throws SNAKE at victim during carjacking caught on camera

Whatever you do, you'll probably be more successful in life if you find new solutions for old problems. One woman proved this theory correct as she hurled a snake at the driver and took her car but eventually crashed through barricades in South Carolina city.

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Luckily, the snake was nonpoisonous, so the driver wasn't hurt. The woman was caught after she was injured in the crash, and Greenville Police revealed her identity as 29-year-old Hilmary Moreno-Berrios. She spent three days in the hospital and has since fully recovered.

While talking to the law, Moreno-Berrios explained how she stole the car. She approached a female driver and demanded keys while throwing a live black snake at her. She then jumped at the wheel, while the snake was still in the car.

She and her slithering companion than tried to run away, but their adventure finished after crashing into barriers that were set up for Liberty Bridge Jump-Off exhibition. This popular event was held for the third time, and beside the jump-off event, it also included live music performed by local artists, food, and drinks.

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Police also released the footage showing the moment of the crash, and damage caused is estimated at around 17,000 dollars. Luckily, no one was on injured, even though lots of people were present at the festival at the time.

Moreno-Berrios is charged with malicious damage to property, resisting the arrest, carjacking, failure to stop for blue lights, reckless driving, driving on the closed street, but not for cruelty to a poor snake.

It is unknown if she has the lawyer, but if found guilty, there is a high chance she won't get away with probation. She is still in custody on $25.000 bond. At least the animal is doing better as police caught it before releasing it into local woods.

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The snake faces no charges.

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