The Womens HAIRY Swimsuit Just Exploded the Internet

If you're looking for a funny bathing suit to wear at the beach or a backyard pool party, then check out the women's hairy swimsuit. It's literally the most nasty thing you will find on a woman besides high-waist shorts. This is a one piece bathing suit that shows a portrait of a hairy man. So basically, the women walk around looking like an average dad bod covered in carpet. Front, back, and down yonder are covered in fur. The drapes finally match the carpet, but it's 2017 and most people don't keep the carpet anymore.

If you think your friends can handle a good prank, then buy them this for the next time you're in the water. The hairy swimsuit will turn heads and probably cause a few people to vomit while they laugh. I'm also wondering why they took a picture of my body and used it for the basis of their design. That's pretty much what I look like without a shirt on. Typical non-six pack having Dad bod. I'm pretty good at it ya know.

You can thank the folks at Beloved for this funny atrocity.

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The crotch area causes men to gag.

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Miss Sasquatch looks great! Hairy in all the right places. Can't wait to see how she glides on her dad bod on the water. Does that cause additional friction when body surfing? Asking for a friend.

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Watch out folks! This guy has a better figure than Lena Dunham. I don't know if the hairy swimsuit is a feminist dream or nightmare. This is what I imagine most feminists look like when they remove their clothing in a dressing room or before a shower. It's certainly not in front of any man with dignity, that's for sure.

Enjoy beefing it up while looking like a broham, ladies. The hairy swimsuit will get more attention than you can handle. It might be laughs, so make sure you have a hot body underneath and can take the humor jabs like a champ.

This will turn heads and stomachs for sure and the only way to make this OK is if the person wearing it is a dude or a hot chick.

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