Would you eat insects to help save the planet?

Food Insider posted a segment that interviews a bug chef who cooks food using insects. The main question here is if you would eat insects in order to save the planet. It's a question you must answer in the comment section for sure.

The video itself does not look very appetizing. In fact, it looks downright nasty and disgusting. Nothing in this video looks tempting in the slightest.

I can't even imagine eating this, but of course, it is probably the normal culture in a few places on our planet.

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I prefer my burgers to be made from real beef, chicken, pork, etc - not bugs. No thanks!

Here's the video and try not to cringe.

And if you want my answer? No, I would not eat bugs to save the planet and I don't think it would save the planet anyway.

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All 5 of the bug eating people out there won't make a big impact.

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