WWE Rob Van Dam goes on post Divorce Revenge Tour and it's LIT

While many men are depressed after the divorce, Rob Van Dam is having the time of his life at the moment and is sharing it with the world.


Fan-favorite WWE superstar divorced his now ex-wife Sonia after 17 years of marriage but claims he doesn't have any regrets and is trying to set an example for every divorced man. Court decided that Sonia is about to receive more than 250,000 dollars from selling two properties based in California and Las Vegas and even the ashes of their dogs, Rosie and Zena. Van Dam didn't waste any time, as he announced a relationship with Katie Forbes, who is also a pro wrestler. Posting a picture on Instagram he wrote that with the right person, life should become a celebration every day.


What followed are more provocative videos and photos where Van Dam is enjoying the company of half-naked girls in the hot tub. In of the pictures, we can see him covering the breasts of his girlfriend and her friend, Jennifer Barlow. Three of them went to Medellin, Colombia, where she is promoting stem cell therapy.

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Rob Van Dam is currently on Impact wrestling roster as he signed a new deal last spring, returning to the company which was his employer for three years (2010-2013). He suggested that his contract is not a long-term one, but if the bosses love his performances, he could stay for a longer period. His goal is to have about 10-12 matches or a bit more, which is his usual scheduled in recent years. Still, he shocked the world as he appeared on WWE Raw Reunion last summer. 


The company issued a statement, explaining that Van Dam had their blessing to appear on the rival show before he returns to Impact. But, that will have to wait a bit!


And if you're wondering about more? Well here's how that goes!

 Oh, you don’t know? @PWTees #rvd #thewholefuckingshow pic.twitter.com/wdeLLYEpmG

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