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Rose McGowan- X-Men billboard promotes violence against women

Actress Rose McGowan is not happy with the new X-Men Apocalypse billboard. She thinks the X-Men billboard promotes violence against women because there's a male character with a female character in a choke-hold. Does she have any clue what the story of the movie entails? Does the 40 year old washed up actress have any idea what this scene is all about? Rose McGowan xmen billboard

Rose McGowan, best known for her work in?Charmed, spoke toThe Hollywood Reporter. ?There is a major problem when the men and women at 20th Century Fox think casual violence against women is the way to market a film,? she said, going on to explain that the ad is problematic because there?s ?no context,??it?s just a woman being strangled by a man.

Do you really think X-Men billboard promotes violence against women?

Raise your hand if you think Rose McGowan has lost her mind. She's speaking out against THIS? Really? We have 8 year old kids watching EMPIRE (great show) and going to class calling people BOOSHIE and talking about gay people getting shot. We have kids walking the streets singing lyrics to the latest inappropriate rap song. We have kids who love the X-Men and think nothing of the typical fictional violence in the movies other than acting out the high flying kicks or arguing over who gets to be Wolverine and who gets to save the good guys from the bad guys. What kid walks around saying X-Men billboard promotes violence against women? None. This does not teach violence. This teaches kids to kick the butt of the enemy who is violent. If you stopped a kid and asked them what the billboard says to them, they'd probably say something like "that's the bad guy. We need to save Mystique because..." and they'll rattle off some nonsense reason that ties into the movie series, most likely something way over our heads if we haven't watched the previous movies. Does anyone remember the FX show "The Strain" and the billboard they had with a worm seeping out of an eyeball? People complained about that. Probably the same people who watched every second of the Human Centipede and wished they were the girl in the middle. I draw the line with people who complain about these things. They're the same clueless people whose kids are listening to NWA while the parents are in another room playing Mahjong on their computer. And who is Rose McGowan anymore? She's nobody anymore. She hasn't been relevant since 2006 when she was battling the supernatural in Charmed. Why is Yahoo! posting her comments like anyone really cares? They don't. If anything, this is annoying more people than anything else. It's always funny when someone comes out of nowhere, says some random nonsense like "ohhhhh X-Men billboard promotes violence against women and that's bad" and they don't even seem to be knowledgeable of the plot. Typical action plot, but I'm sure Rose McGowan doesn't know the intricacies. Rose McGowan seems like the kind of person who would think Ghostbusters 2016 is a good movie. X-Men billboard promotes violence against women^tfw