Definition of xenophobia
: fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign

Many people claim POTUS is xenophobic, and anyone who wants to secure our country is a xenophobe.  I do not believe this is a correct interpretation of many of their motives.  The USA is a country of immigrants.  Many people came to our country bringing the best of their culture and adding it to the complex tapestry that is the United States of America.
According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary the meaning of Xenophobia is: fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.  As a rule we do not fear the unknown the strange or the foreign.  We embrace these things bring them into the culture to enrich everyone.
What we do not embrace is any person coming to our shores to disrupt, or disturb the peace, or  anyone who wants to overthrow our Republic.  These things are abhorrent and antithetical to the spirit of the country.  We no longer codify racism in our laws. When Representatives in Congress make overtly racist comments and are not brought to task for them we as a people are opening a flood gate that historically led to tyranny and genocide.  In Wiemar Germany no one thought the vitriol of Adolph Hitler would take over the entire country.  It did and many millions of good people died.  Many in horrible ways.
The hateful, small minded, scared, and weak in the country want to put the issue of immigration in a tidy little box.  Make it a black and white issue.  It is a much more complex issue.  As my late friend Evy said “the world is technicolor.”  Black and white answers just don’t suffice.  We need to look at the whole picture not just a single pixel. We need to address several things when it comes to immigration; none of which are simple.  Who do we want to come in, who do we want to prevent from coming in, how are we going to protect our citizens and legal aliens that are here, and how will these new comers provide for themselves.  These issues are just the tip of the very large and complex iceberg that is immigration.
Lets look at each question in turn. First “Who do we want to come to our country?”  An overly simplistic answer is: anyone that will add to the society in a positive manner.  Who is this person or family?  While living in Washington D.C. there was a running joke of every time there is a war or natural disaster D.C. gets a new restaurant.  This is not to far from the truth.  They bring as much of their culture to our country as they can and they provide for themselves.  Many immigrants start small businesses because they see a need in the community, or they want to better their position in society.
I have seen this in real life.  A family came to Maryland from India. They started a restaurant making great food.  Their children would come in after school and do their homework behind the counter so as to not disturb the customers.  As they got older they helped with the restaurant.  Everyone in the family helped out.  As the children grew they all went to university.  The older children helped the younger ones with their school work.  Everyone chipped in for the education.  One day the restaurant was closed.  The family was going to the graduation of the oldest child.  This is just one of many incidents I have witnessed over the years.  These types of people are who we want to immigrate to our beautiful country.
Who do we want to prevent from entering the country?  Again an overly simplistic answer is anyone that will disrupt our society, try to overthrow our Republic, Commit crimes against anyone who is here.  Racist people who advocate genocide or want to destroy the country.  This is a bit of a list.  Suffice to say bad people with bad intentions should be prevented from entering the country.  We have enough home grown idiots without bringing in more.  
How are we going to protect our citizens and legal aliens that are already here?  There is a simple answer; it is politically incorrect.  Apply the laws equally to everyone in the country.  Do not have any protected classes.  This is a simplistic answer to a complex situation.  With so many protected classes from Identity Politics it is hard to sort out who should be protected.  Some people are demanding that particular classes and religions not be prosecuted because it indicates some type of prejudice.   There have been a huge number of judicial miscarriages in the past, and I am certain they will continue into the future.  It is safe to safe if a human is involved there will be mistakes; both intentional and unintentional.  Humans are flawed.  If we take politics out of the judiciary and apply al of the laws equally this will lessen the pressure on society.  Removing the majority of the criminal offenses would also be a great start in making the Judicial System more fair.
How will these new comers provide for themselves?  In the past most immigrants came to this country with some type of skills.  A case on this point a Kung Fu Master in Wheaton Maryland.  He started a small Guam to teach Martial Arts.  For the first few years he worked as a laborer to pay his bills.  He had mad martial arts skills.  It took several years for the Guam and eventually a small store to become self sufficient.  He is just one of a very long list of immigrants that came to the US and made a good life for themselves.  The story is so common it is cliché. Poor immigrants lands in America works at menial jobs until they can start a small business years later they are prosperous.
The free market system is the best way to protect the people in the country.  Give them an opportunity and let the chips fall where they may.  This is the beauty of the free market system.  It gives everyone the same opportunities.  An old friend told me years ago that if there is a minimum then there must be a maximum.  When there is no minimum there is no maximum.  When a person starts a business they have no guarantees of success.  They have no guarantee they will be paid anything for their efforts.  But when their business becomes a success they are rewarded handsomely.  They have no predefined maximum to what they can earn.  Look at Microsoft Corp.  Bill Gates started a company and almost went bankrupt several times in the early years.  He sold IBM on the idea of PC DOS.  The rest is history.  There are many other people who started out small and built major companies.
The Free Market rewards those who provide a valuable service or product to the most people.  Microsoft provides a valuable product to a vast number of people and companies.  The simple concept of help more people and receive more compensation is the basis of the Free Market System.  If we remove the hindrances of starting and running a company more people could pursue their dreams.  More people could innovate and create new products and services.  If it is of value to the community they will be compensated in accordance to its value.
To conclude we need to streamline the laws in this country.  By this I mean strike many of them from the books.  We have so many laws no one can know all of them.  Remove onerous taxes and regulations from businesses.  Get the courts out of the lives of hard working entrepreneurs.  Apply the shortened list of laws equally.  This is a Utopian dream.  It can not happen fully.  Humans all have biases, and no one is without guile.  This is human nature.  This is why we need some laws and a fair judiciary to apply them.  It is worth trying.  The current system of over regulating and criminalizing many aspects of life is not working.  Lets try a more simplistic aproach.

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