A 12-year-old hunter named Aryanna Gourdin took selfies with a giraffe and posted it online. That's when social media found out the truth and lost their minds! The girl was posing next to a lifeless giraffe. Some people didn't realize this at first, but when they found out, they sure had a lot to say!

The girl from Utah posted several pictures she took with a giraffe, in different poses, on her Facebook page. It was only some time later that people realized that she had killed the giraffe and then took the selfie with the dead giraffe in different poses which enraged the people to the point that they were sending a child some really evil threats.

In one of the pictures, the girl holds her rifle high and poses with the dead giraffe. This is one of her many photos that have become extremely controversial and have opened the doors for numerous debates and a motherload of comments from viewers.

She has posted lots of pictures of her posing with carcasses from a series of hunts she made. The controversial pictures angered some people and many others raised their eyebrow in disgust. It has since become the target of viral criticism and people are being extremely vulgar in their commentary.

Aryanna Gourdin, from Cove, Utah, has become the target of death threats and explicit comments on her like page, "Aryanna Gourdin - Braids and Bows." 

Mark Martineau, owner of Rack Em Up Hunts and a Gourdin family friend, told mySA.com Aryanna Gourdin and her father, Eli Gourdin, accompanied him on a safari recently. Photos from that trip are some of the newest on her page that are firing up debates.

The latest photo has garnered mostly negative responses from Facebook users, dubbing the child a long list of expletives mixed in with others like "literally hope someone skins you," "makes me wanna kill her" and "do the world a favor and kill yourself already before someone else makes you disappear" along with hundreds of similar hostility.

As per media reports, people from all over the world have expressed their anger and disgust on Aryanna Gourdin’s Facebook page. Some people have even issued death threats to her.

According to Daily Mail, one of the Facebook user members was so upset that he thanked her reminding him that stupid people like her still exist on this earth. He further told the girl to consider and use that thing called ‘brain’ in her head next time.

As per the pictures, Aryanna has been hunting with a bow and a rifle. Besides hunting African animals, like giraffes and zebras, she has also hunted animals like deer and bears.

The girl’s family friend Mark Martineau, a hunter, had organized a safari to Africa for her. 

Martineau, the girl’s family friend, claimed on his Facebook business page that people issue all these death threats toward the girl because she decided to hunt. He further added that whether people threaten her or her family they will have to go through him or her father and many others.

Her photos gathered even more severe responses from the people who saw the remarks.  One person commented that he hopes that someone will skin her, and  another said the photos make him want to kill her. One person commented that she can do a favor to the world by killing herself before someone else does the same. 

Still there were people who were defending her by reminding people that she is contributing to conservation work. They also claimed that the meat from the dead animal is donated to local orphanages.

Mark Martineau, who organized the safari and the hunting escapades, praised the girl by stating that very few 12-year-old girls like her have the experience of so many hunts. She is the next big thing in the hunting community.

Giraffe meat is used for food in some parts of the world including Africa. Of course, it is in no way different from killing of cows in America for making cheese burgers.  

The giraffe meat is not a food item for the people of America, which makes it so strange to us. We see giraffe's as cute animals at the zoo. People in Africa see the giraffe as lunch. This is their cow. We kill cows and eat them. They kill giraffes and eat them. That's just how things are in different countries.

People forget that other places on the planet have different cultures and ways of living. Africa doesn't exactly have mass amounts of cows roaming around. If they did, then they probably wouldn't have to eat the giraffes. America doesn't have mass amounts of giraffes roaming, and if we did, then we would probably eat them.

The people complaining are simply uneducated outside of their own little world. They forget that other places in the world have completely different sets of animals and ways of living.

If would help if those people gathered a little knowledge before spouting a horrible threat to a pre-teen girl.

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