Your Button Is Not As Big As Mine

President Trump responded to Kim Jong-Un's message of possessing a real nuclear button on his desk in the Trump way possible.  Trump took to his favorite news outlet, Twitter, to direct words at Kim saying that he also has a nuclear butt but it is much larger and stronger.  

One can only hope these guys are still talking about nuclear attack capabilities and not comparing the size of their other weapons. Trump, not to be outdone, rubbed it in further by mocking Kim's regime calling them food starved and asking them to give the North Korean dictator a reality check about the actual capabilities of his military.  Trump culminated his taunts by asserting that Kim's button has E.D., no, not THAT 'E.D.', explosive destruction!  President Trump left that little dig for the last part of his statement insinuating that Kim might have a button, but like his 're-entry' issues he is having with his ICBM missiles, it probably doesn't work.

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This war of words just went to a whole different level of creepy innuendos. Asking Kim's regime to give him a reality check may be a tall task.  The official word is that Kim learned to drive at age 3 and he discovers cures for cancer in his spare time.  Oh, also, there are no gay people in North Korea according to the regime.

Trump noted that North Korean soldiers are deserting amid dangerous conditions across the DMZ and that since finally Kim seeks to talk with South Korea, that the multitude of sanctions against Kim's isolated nation may finally be breaking him down and forcing him to the table. That, of course, remains to be seen.

Some pundits say that Kim may be reaching out to South Korea under the guise of talks to improve relations, but that he may be attempting to drive a wedge in between the U.S. and South Korea, which is home to almost 30,000 American troops and a handful of bases.   

North Korea was projected to test missiles as early as next week. They will likely be postponing that date until after the Olympic talks with South Korea at the DMZ.  Rocket man's rockets will have to stay inside his pants a little longer.

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump can throw salt at each other all day long; I don't care who has a bigger button.  If Rocket Man ever decides to attack the United States or its allies, the USA is more prepared to obliterate their poor excuse for a country.  We have a lot more experience at the whole nuclear thing after all.

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