These people torture 10,000 dogs at Yulin dog eating festival


China - a place where people torture and eat 10,000 dogs at the family friendly Yulin dog eating festival. It's probably the most disgusting and inhumane celebration you've ever heard of. It's repulsive, abusive, and terrible. I don't know how any human could do this to an animal in this manner.

yulin dog eating festivalyulin dogs

The Yulin dog eating festival is terrible!!

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I understand that different locations have different traditions. Different cultures do lots of various and different things. Different things are acceptable in different cultures, etc. HOWEVER - the Yulin festival should be outlawed and awful in every culture. What's the point in gathering to electrocute, strangle, and skin dogs alive as a form of a festival? Doesn't it seem a bit morbid or disgusting to anyone else? Why would any family bring their kids to see or participate in this? I get it - Americans probably murder more animals in a day than this Chinese town does in a week, but we don't make a family fun carnival out of it. It's done behind closed doors, cleaned up, and shipped to our super markets. What the people in China are doing to these dogs is violent and barbaric. How can a society advance if they're still skinning dogs as a form of fun? There has to be a better way to advance and survive in this town other than gathering 10,000 dogs for the Yulin dog eating festival.