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Latina ICE Agent Kiara Cervante goes viral for her attractive pics #IceBae

202 Views Comments

Biden challenges Trump to push-up contest

38 Views Comments

Romney says Trump 'Fell Far Short' when he trashed Anti-American Congress members

257 Views Comments

METH GATORS! Police warn people to stop flushing drugs down toilet

345 Views Comments

2 teens investigated for video of LGBTQ Pride flag burning, 'potentially a hate crime'

351 Views Comments

AOC and Ilhan Omar REFUSE to condem Antifa attack on ICE facility

1593 Views Comments

Billy Joel dedicates song to Bill and Hillary Clinton during concert

364 Views Comments

Restaurant uses Colin Kaepernick jersey as welcome mat

373 Views Comments

Federal court rules cops can't arrest you just for swearing at them

99 Views Comments

Miley Cyrus won't have kids until we live 'with fish in the water'

123 Views Comments

Over One Million people plan to storm Area 51, 'They Can't Stop All Of Us'

69 Views Comments

Suspect farts so loud the cops find his hiding spot

236 Views Comments

Man armed with 'rifle and incendiary devices' attacks ICE center, gets shot dead

2056 Views Comments

Pelosi announces House resolution to go after Trump's 'xenophobic tweets'

404 Views Comments

Lashana Lynch takes over as 007 for the new James Bond movie

792 Views Comments

Model reveals dirty secrets about Jeffrey Epstein's House of Horrors

3100 Views Comments

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