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What is Trending Views?

Trending Views features trending videos about trending politics and weird or funny news, celebrity trash and entertainment links, funny memes, and lots of society's most messed up videos.

Trending Views is community based and users may sign up for free, then post their own links, pictures, videos, and blog articles. All content is approved by an admin beforehand, so if it sucks, we aren't going to post it.

Trending Views has a very fun comment section and we don't censor it unless someone is being racist or trying to hurt someone. Our users take full advantage of posting gifs, memes, and having fun with discussion about people like Donald Trump or other political news stories.

Users here have community features that are similar to social media. Users can add friends, send each other messages, add content to their favorites list, invite friends, post and share content, and we encourage you to come back daily.

Is this site free?

Yes. We no longer have a premium content and membership option. All content you see here is free. Sign up is free. Posting to the site is free, although it is not guaranteed that all submissions will be approved and posted.

How can I help?

Trending Views uses a very small amount of ads. We believe in having a good, clean, fun experience on the web. If you see an advert that you like, then please check it out. Trending Views is self-funded, so any clicks to our ads helps pay the bills for ongoing server fees, development, advertising, beef jerky, and coffee fund. Listen folks, enough coffee and beef jerky in the same day and you'll be ready to get 72 virgins pregnant with your eyes closed.

You can also help by following us on social media and sharing our website with your friends. We appreciate every share and mention we get! Thank you for stopping by on a daily basis and participating.