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GOP Leader wants to censure Maxine Waters, claims she 'broke the law' and 'incited violence'
WaPo gives Biden 'Two Pinocchios' in Fact Check on his anti-gun claim
CNN Ratings have Tanked since Trump left White House, lost 60% of key demo
WWII Veteran shows off serious skills with harmonica - God Bless this man!
Trump-hating Chrissy Teigen left Twitter, but she's back already: ‘It feels terrible to silence yourself’
Attorney Jay Sekulow reveals potential Biden cover-up, could be huge
Ivanka Trump says 'I got the shot' and Twitter explodes
Someone gave Ted Cruz a copy of John Boehner's book, and guess where it ended up
Tom Hanks' son released 'White Boy Summer' rap video and uh....
Woman arrested after hit and run killed federal judge said she was Harry Potter
Disgraced Harvey Weinstein going blind, losing teeth, lawyer claims

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