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Hannity: Democrats in Trump carried districts are 'Cowards' and 'Frauds'

Hannity: Democrats in Trump carried districts are 'Cowards' and 'Frauds'


Woman passes gas at Dollar General, then pulls knife on customer who complained, cops say

A woman who farted while she was in line at the Dollar General pulled a knife on another customer who complained about the fart. Of course, this clearly happened in Florida, where all the weird crimes happen.


Parkland shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz now facing three new charges

The man who shot and killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day faces new charges after he allegedly assaulted an officer. A report by CBS 12 says he faces at least three new charges.


FL airport shut down over 'suspicious package' that was provisional ballot box, says report

The Ft. Lauderdale Airport was shut down when a 'suspicious package' was left inside an Avis rental car outside of a terminal but ended up being a provisional ballot box.


MN woman receives absentee ballot for Broward County, but she moved years ago and didn't request it

A woman who moved from Broward County, Florida to Minnesota five years ago has recieved an absentee ballot for Broward County in the mail - but she didn't request it.


Broward employee fired after reporting on elections staff 'filling out stacks of blank ballots'

Plaintiffs, Matthew Caldwell and The Campaign To Elect Matt Caldwell Commissioner of Agriculture have filed a complaint against defendant Dr. Brenda Snipes in her capacity as Supervisor of Elections for Broward County.


Marco Rubio says sealed ballot box and voting equipment found at community center

Marco Rubio posted a message on Twitter that shows a provisional ballot box sitting at the Tamarac Lakes Community Center. It is unclear what is actually inside the box.


Florida Teacher finds 'Provisional Ballot Box' in school storage area

Florida teacher finds box in elementary school storage area labeled "Provisional Ballot Box" and reported finding it, but says she did not touch it.


Judge tosses $5 million lawsuit filed over a slice of cheese

A U.S. District Judge has dismissed a $5 million class action lawsuit filed by two people who had to pay full price for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, even though they asked for no cheese.


Meet the 15-Year-old Who Saved 20 Classmates During Florida School Shooting

Anthony Borges was shot seven times saving 20 people from his school. He has a long road to recovery.