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7000 RSVP To Protest Trump, Barely Anyone Shows Up

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An Entire Committee Just Quit to Protest Trump

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Ben Carson's Home Vandalized with Hateful Trump Rhetoric

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Black Lives Matter Leader Demands 10 Things from White People

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CNN Suggests 63 Million Americans Are White Supremacists

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Dartmouth Lecturer Loves Antifa, Gets Trashed By School President

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Democrat John Lewis Talks of Using Bullwhip on Activists

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Democrats Pick Which Trump Aides Are White Nationalists

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Driver Plows Protesters at Unite the Right White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville

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ESPN Removes Announcer Robert Lee for His Offensive Name

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FL Gov Calls State of Emergency to Protect from Protesters

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GOP Criticizes Trump After Beautiful Statues Comment

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Joe Biden praises Antifa to start his presidential campaign

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Man Tried to Blow Up Confederate Monument

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NAACP Leader Says Confederate Statues Not A Problem

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Paul Ryan Speaks on Charlottesville Chaos, Says There Are No Sides

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Paul Ryan Trashes Trump on Arpaio Pardon

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Petition to Label Antifa As Terror Group Reaches White House

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Philly Mayor Announces Frank Rizzo Statue To Be Moved

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Professor Charged for Assaulting Trump Supporter With Bike Lock

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Protesting Players Shocked At What Chris Long Did With NFL Paychecks

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