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Christine Blasey Ford's polygraph test reveals problems with her story

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Christine Blasey Ford's yearbook was scrubbed, but here's part of it

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Flynn Pleads Guilty, Promises Full Cooperation

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Hirono uses Kavanaugh to boost her fundraising, says ‘he knows he is guilty’

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Louis C.K. Confessed To Accusations, Says 'These Stories Are True'

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Man apologizes for false accusations against Brett Kavanaugh

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Michael Avenatti arrested for felony domestic violence, held on $50k bail

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Opinion: Women who make Fake Sexual Accusations should go to Jail

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Step-Son of Roy Moore Accuser Claims Beverly Young Tells Lies

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Taxpayers Ripped Off for $220,000 for what Democrat is Accused of

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Trump calls out Avenatti as 'third rate lawyer' making false accusations

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Where are the Kavanaugh accusers now?

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