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Joy Behar allegedly threatens to quit 'The View' after fight with McCain, says 'if this s--t doesn't stop I'm quitting ...'

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Cop Killer Wears Mask to Court, Police Brutality Suspected

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NY Times editorial board member doesn't seem to like 'Dumba** F***ing White People'

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NFL Ratings Dropped So Bad, Now They're Paying for It

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12 page letter from rape victim to Stanford Rapist Brock Allen Turner

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These Trump supporters look like IDIOTS

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Parents look at newborn, shocked to see what it has

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Media Take Out posts fake news race bait, their fans call them out

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Joy Villa wears #MAGA dress at Grammys, then she was attacked

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Celebrity wears #MAGA dress to the Grammy awards, liberals FREAK OUT

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Taxpayers despise this bragging Texas welfare queen

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School Police Removed By Black Lives Matter

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Pregnant Girl Executed. Where's Al Sharpton and #BLM?

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Teen walks miles to work every day, but his coworkers had enough of that

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ESPN Turns On ’Flaming Hypocrite’ Kaepernick For Not Voting

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What she did at 11,000 ft is stunning and inspirational

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Inspiring Rainbow Birth Photograph Brings People To Tears

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