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Joy Behar allegedly threatens to quit 'The View' after fight with McCain, says 'if this s--t doesn't stop I'm quitting ...'

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Bowe Bergdahl Claims Taliban More Honest Than US Army

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Did Buzzfeed post fake news about Donald Trump?

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Guy Accidentally Sends Mom Pic of GF with Something Sleazy in Background

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Leaked Audio of John Kerry Reveals Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS

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Mad Dog Mattis Allows Transgender Troops to Remain Until Study Complete

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Meghan Trainor falls on Jimmy Fallon show

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Paul Ryan Trashes Trump on Arpaio Pardon

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Republican RINOs say You’re Not A Patriot

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RINO McCain Just MAJORLY Disrespected Congress Just To Attack Trump!

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RINO McCain vs Trump in nasty heated battle

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Senate breaks a little rule, votes 98-1 for Mad Dog Mattis!

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Sheriff Clarke crushes race-baiting CNN lackey

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