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BUSTED: Classified Documents Show Michelle Obama Used Taxpayer Dollars To PAY Friends And Family To Vacation With Her

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Food stampers can shop online now. Does Amazon Prime cover this?

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Fox News Guest Claims Obama & Co. Have ‘Shadow’ Government Ready to Counter Trump

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Judge Jeanine Just Slapped Michelle Obama With Cold Hard Truth Right Before Leaving WH (VIDEO)

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Liberals spark outrage over what Ivanka Trump was seen wearing

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Melania Trump visited war zone in Iraq, something Michelle Obama never did

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Michelle Obama brags she sat at 'every powerful table' - says they're not too smart

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Michelle Obama looks really huge in these expensive $4,000 boots

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Michelle Obama Rips Women Who Voted For Trump

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Michelle Obama says Melania Trump hasn't reached out for advice on being first lady

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Michelle Obama says she'll 'never forgive' Trump for rumors about Barack's birth certificate

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Michelle Obama tells college grads she wakes up in "house built by slaves"

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Neighbors MAD about construction addition to Obama's mansion

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Obama Says He’s Prepared For Longer Stay in Washington, Even After Jan. 20th

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Paul Ryan Wins Elections, Shows His TRUE Colors- UNLEASHES On WikiLeaks

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People who boycott Netflix because of Obama are snowflakes

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Protesters say they will murder, pimp slap, and piss on Donald Trump if he showed up

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School REKT Michelle Obama and her nasty lunch program

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