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An Entire Committee Just Quit to Protest Trump

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Bernie Sanders could be Oldest to Run for President in 2020

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Jennifer Lawrence Blames Hurricanes On Trump

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Law and Order, Bitches! Austin Cops Tackle, Cuff, Arrest Violent Anti-Trump Goons

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Russia not happy, says US withdrawal from arms treaty is ‘blackmail’

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That Ronald Reagan script you heard about finally has a lead actor

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Votes are in! Obama will NOT get a holiday for his birthday

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Florida man arrested at Olive Garden after eating pasta belligerently

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Former PA State Rep Learns Judgement on Corruption Conviction

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Gun Control Laws Can\'t Work

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Hillary’s Foul-Mouthed Rants Against Soldiers, Secret Service (WARNING- GRAPHIC CONTENT)

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How to Fix the Immigration Problem in 1 Easy Step.

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Man Who Spray Painted Swastika on College Campus is African American

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Mom Who Skipped Chemo Delivers Baby While on Feeding Tube

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