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8th grader impregnates Instagram teacher; people say he's traumatized

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Barbara Bush blamed Trump for her heart attack in upcoming book

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Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch Sits For National Anthem

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BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS: Shootings, Murders, And Beat Downs… Tis The Season! (VIDEO)

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Complete list of Xbox One backward compatibility games

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Del Taco manager has profanity laced ranty tirade

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Del woman pleads guilty to raping daughters 13-year-old boyfriend

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Democrat lawmaker apologizes for calling mostly black county a ‘N****r District’

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Democrat submits bill to save caterpillars and another bill to permit late-stage abortions on SAME DAY

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Giving someone a surprise pet is really annoying!

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Gov Scott files lawsuit over FL Senate vote; claims election supervisor 'found 78,000 new votes'

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Happy New Year From President Donald J. Trump!

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Head of Border Control Comes Forward To DIRECTLY Address Obama

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Huff Post Trump Hater Victimizes Kid, Forgets To Be Tolerant

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Kavanaugh's second accuser refuses to talk, leaves note on trash can instead

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Killer Murders with Crossbow so his Mom can't tell fiance his secret

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Leslie Jones website and iCloud hacked, nude photos leaked

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