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Bank Teller Robs Own Bank, Can't Believe People Recognized Her

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Border Patrol Union Endorses Donald Trump

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BREAKING: One Month After Election, George W. Bush Breaks Silence With DEVASTATING Announcement

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Dartmouth Lecturer Loves Antifa, Gets Trashed By School President

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Feminist Professor Thinks Science is Racist and Should be Replaced

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Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg crushes Safe Spaces during college commencement speech

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Guy thought steel toe shoes could stop a .45 - he was wrong

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Michael Moore tries to convince liberals to be maniacs

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Millennials Say Calling them Snowflakes Hurts their Mental Health

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Mob of up to 60 teens swarm train and rob passengers

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My Favorite 5 Ways For Fighting Anxiety

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Prof Teaches Grad Students How To Deconstruct Whiteness

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Science Says: Late Sleepers Have Higher IQ And Creativity

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Texas Church Shooter Had A Long Dark History

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The more I read about Bernie Sanders, the more I think he's a vulture

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Trey Gowdy trolls democrats with hilarious news about Obamacare

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University warns freshmen - NO SAFE SPACES and NO TRIGGER WARNINGS!

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What to Learn from Unite the Right vs Antifa

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