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Judicial Watch connects Bruce and Nellie Ohr to anti-Trump spreadsheet linking him to 'dozens of Russians'
Jeffrey Epstein had portrait of Bill Clinton in Blue Dress, Red Heels

Jeffrey Epstein had portrait of Bill Clinton in Blue Dress, Red Heels

Epstein had portrait of Bill Clinton in a blue dress and red heels, oh la la

NYT Columnist: Epstein had dirt on famous and powerful people
Booker and Beto condemn Trump for sharing conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein
Source: Epstein was found hanging
Epstein done right after court unsealed 2000+ pages on him and Ghislaine Maxwell
 Jeffrey Epstein dead by suicide in Manhattan jail cell
Bill Clinton: 'It’s time to reinstate the assault weapons ban'
Peter Strzok sues DOJ and FBI over getting fired for anti-Trump text messages
FBI implicated in destroying evidence to help Hillary Clinton
Chuck Schumer on John Ratcliffe: 'This reminds me of General Flynn'
Jeffrey Epstein found hurt in jail, could be possible suicide attempt
Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book has 21 different contacts for Bill Clinton
List of Clinton associates who 'mysteriously' checked out early
Federal judge denies Jeffrey Epstein bail, calls him a ‘danger’ to the public
Biden challenges Trump to push-up contest
Model reveals dirty secrets about Jeffrey Epstein's House of Horrors
State Dept employee from CLINTON era gets 40 months in jail and WEEPS in court
Bill Clinton breaks silence, but LIES in statement about Jeffrey Epstein allegations
Prosecutors UNSEAL Epstein indictment and it's looking really bad
Bill Clinton's 'Billionaire pedophile' friend Jeffrey Epstein arrested for trafficking minors
Drunk man rescues baby bird, sends it to vet in UBER
Confession: Most of Joe Biden's family voted for Trump
Robert De Niro 'might even be happier' if Mueller puts Trump in handcuffs and orange jumpsuit
Former advisor to Obama and Clinton commits suicide months before his book release