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Calvin Klein blasted for THIS risky Advert

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College Revamps Honor System with Gender Neutral Language

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Donald Trump endorsed by NRA and legendary golfer

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Gentle Giants From Ferguson, Mo. Pulled Their Guns On A 73-Year-Old Senior, He Smoked Them Both With His .44 Magnum

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Girls post picture of facial, but it's what they said that made it racist

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Iowa Lawmaker Purposes “Suck It Up, Buttercup” Bill For Liberal College Students Rejecting Election Results [VIDEO]

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Mayor Kenney Wants New Amazon HQ in Philly

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Millennials Say Calling them Snowflakes Hurts their Mental Health

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Pizza party politics: Republican Ben Sasse makes Democrat Cory Booker an offer he shouldn’t refuse

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Study says more straight people having gay sex. News flash, they're gay

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The more I read about Bernie Sanders, the more I think he's a vulture

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The real reason millennials struggle for success

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The Rock CRUSHES millennial 'snowflakes' - says they're looking for reasons to be offended

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Tucker Carlson destroys liberal crybaby who wants DNC job

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When black folks say you're not listening, remind them who got shot

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