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4 Unbelievably Intense HIV/AIDS Conspiracy Theories

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5 Classic Celebrity Scandals Everyone Should Know

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6 Video Games That Inspired Horrible Crimes In Real Life

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Anonymous hacks ISIS and makes them gay

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Celebrities Who Were Friends Before They Were Famous

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Immigrant Father of 8 Rejects Free 5 Bedroom House, But Takes 100k In Welfare

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Jay Z Has Little Girl Help Perform 'N-ggas in Paris'

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Kellyanne battles Chelsea on Twitter and I could not give two flying farts about it

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Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million to get Trump Impeached

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Obama's daughter Sasha skipped farewell speech to chillax in Miami

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Paris reveals new sideway urinals and they are pretty nasty

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Soldier shoots Machete Maniac at The Louvre

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Tourist Spots Weird Doughnut-Shaped UFO Seen Floating Above Lake

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