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'My Pillow' founder invests $1 million to secret movie about Planned Parenthood

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15yo Protester Punched in Face Outside Planned Parenthood

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Armed Antifa Group Call For Revolution And Violence Against Police

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Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah: The Man that Killed the UN?

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Ex-Employees reveal horrifying secret about Planned Parenthood

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Hillary Clinton Tweets Nasty Woman Shirt for Planned Parenthood

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Lady throws puppies in river to drown #WTF

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Michael Moore tries to convince liberals to be maniacs

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Mila Kunis Donates To Planned Parenthood in Pence's Name And It Backfires

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New Illegal Protections Put in Place for Planned Parenthood by Obama

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Planned Parenthood caught in child sex traffic crimes?

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Planned Parenthood Enters Transgender Market

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REPORT: Anti-Trump Protests Are Fake. Planned Parenthood Affiliate Paying People To Protest.

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Trump defunds Foreign baby murder at Planned Parenthood

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Woman at Planned Parenthood told to cut possibly living fetus' face to harvest the brain

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12 page letter from rape victim to Stanford Rapist Brock Allen Turner

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25-80 years for teen who killed James Stuhlman, man walking dog

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3 Controversial Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

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7000 RSVP To Protest Trump, Barely Anyone Shows Up

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