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Hot Math Teacher Charged With Sleeping With Three Students

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Teacher sends naughty pics, then does the unthinkable In School

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Man finds something really strange on a girls ankle

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Teacher pleads guilty to having sex with eighth-grade student in a barn

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Future Losers of America: Why Urban Education is Horrible

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Feminist Professor Thinks Science is Racist and Should be Replaced

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Teacher Kicks Students Out, Calls Trump Shirts Swastikas

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Mother Mad because Child told to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

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Florida Teacher finds 'Provisional Ballot Box' in school storage area

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22yo Special Ed Teacher who's married to a cop arrested for having sex with a student

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Drexel University Communist Professor: “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide”

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OK Stupid! Teacher Caught Waiting for Student in Candle Lit Room

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Democrat state Senator announces ban on using He/She pronouns during hearings

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Teacher Gives Student Most Amazing Gift You Can Imagine

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Lawyer Gives Up 6 Figure Salary to Teach at Poor School

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Cop Faces Backlash for Wearing Costume Mocking Colin Kaepernick

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